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Consult with and train company teams to exceed strategic goals in sales and customer experience management.




Coach and train individuals to
break through barriers
to achieve more career success.




Provide online training and development resources for employees and managers to increase career achievement.


Goals exceeded; Results achieved.

Our #1 priority is you. We are experts in helping you discover and implement performance improvement changes, while paying attention to the three interrelated pillars of change: your purpose, processes and people. Our years of results-based experience will help identify and execute your strategy so that you strengthen sales, attract and retain more customers, and build quality leadership; while boosting employee productivity, engagement and loyalty.

Positive gains in retail sales growth
Gains in sales to existing customers
Improvement in sales performance
Reduction in customer complaints


48 quality and customer service awards.

Ford President’s Award

Canada’s Consumer’s Choice Award

JD Power award for customer service


“Rick loves what he does and it shows! His high-energy, get-it-done approach is inspiring to those of us who want to make a difference, because he does! Add sales savvy, a positive attitude that won’t quit and an authentic belief in the potential of every human being, and you have someone you can count on when you or your business needs a lift.”
Karol Allen, Owner, Karol Allen Communications
“Doug is an outstanding trainer, mentor and coach. He has a well deserved reputation as a “World Class” consultant who develops high-achieving superstars and results-orientated business teams. Further, Doug is a well established author who provides pragmatic and effective training and business solutions. I have known Doug for over 20 years, and he has impressed me as a very giving, skilled, and knowledgeable professional who is always ready to help. I would highly recommend Doug to any organization who wants to develop, grow, and prosper in challenging business environments. If you need someone to get everyone on the same page to function as a highly-motivated team, then Doug at WCW Partners is the guy you need!”
Jim McCarthy, President & Owner, Product Ventures Inc.
“Each time our management team works with Rick, the intended outcome is achieved. We develop as a team and as professionals in ways that are truly remarkable. Rick’s programs are clear, customized and powerful. I highly recommend Rick Conlow as a consultant, trainer, presenter and coach; there is none better.”
Patrick Maloney, DPD Print Distribution
“Rick is great to work with. High energy….and a good business partner!”
Tammy Nink, Senior Manager Corporate Customer Service, Meijer Corporation
“Doug Watsabaugh, WCW Partners is the consummate consultant. He is extremely well-informed in general and about Management and Leadership in particular. He has the unique combination of incisiveness and the ability to communicate important information directly and diplomatically. He is positive and resilient and possesses a vast array of experience and wisdom. Whether one-on-one or in front of a group, Doug’s communication skills are exemplary.”
Bob Schultz, Senior Consultant, Carew International
“Doug (COO and senior partner of WCW Partners) is an outstanding professional and I learned a great deal from him during the many years that we worked together. He has always manifested the type of leadership that senior managers, direct reports, peers, and colleagues could follow. Doug combines the rare skills of team builder, facilitator, and communicator that are so essential in driving organizational excellence in the workplace.”
Peter Amatulli, VP Sales Marketing, RBM
“Rick learned our business and developed specific and functional training sessions for both our field sales team as well as support employees in our headquarters office. The response from the staff very positive and the performance of our entire organization improved.”
Jim Farnham, CSC Credit Services
“Rick Conlow is the real thing. He lives his life according to the code of ethics and principles he has established for his business practices. In these uncertain economic times, his positive vision is more valued than ever to work as a catalyst within your organization. It is with sincerely that I can wholeheartedly recommend Rick!”
Anita Bennett, General Manager, Theisen Vending Company
“I have have had the pleasure of working with Rick and WCW Partners on a number of projects. I have found him to be knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated to achieving the objectives defined within our projects. Outcomes were timely and cost effective. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick both personally and professionally.”
Jim Hansen, Systems Engineer, University of Minnesota
“My first contact with Rick was when I attended a seminar with Rick as the presenter. I was so inspired that I signed up 10 of my reports to attend his program. Whenever you force anyone to attend classes they are reluctant to say the least. By the end of the classes many of them continued contact with Rick for additional training. Since then I hired Rick on two occasions to train and inspire Managers. He is a learned, insightful, and compassionate instructor and human being. I would highly recommend Rick. Rick’s business acumen is top notch, he gets results and your people will enjoy the process.”
Davis Jeffrey, Shaw Industries
“Rick’s energy and positive attitude are his trademark. He cares about getting results as much as any of our employees. His cando attitude is infectious and helps drive results. Rick is a fantastic presenter and meeting facilitator, as well. I would recommend Rick and WCW to any company looking to improve their leadership skills, employee sales and customer service performance.”
Chris Mayer, Director Service Sales, AmeriPride Services

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Our Programs


SuperSTAR Leadership Performance Plan

Included in our SuperSTAR Leadership Performance Plan is:A complete step-by-step training course to teach you exactly what to do and how to do it, delivered to you in our thirty-one-day book which uses nine key performance drivers to evaluate and help you as a leader more quickly increase results and sustain them, complete with homework assignments that will literally lead you one step at a time, teaching you how to become the leader you want to be from wherever you are now (this is the exact same information we train our $100,000.00 consulting clients in). You will identify your weaknesses, strengths, and path to improvement, evaluate your leadership activity through applications to distill your skills and be perfected into the SuperSTAR leader you want to be, discover our secrets for electrifying your department or team and much, much more.


SuperSTAR Leadership Video Training Series

Rick and Doug, Co-Founders of WCW Partners, present how to revolutionize your performance. Learn the SuperSTAR leadership strategies and secrets of the best managers in the world! This exciting monthly training series, led by Rick and Doug, will help you to catapult your career success and achieve high-performance gains with your team!

Each month, you will receive an email with a new training video link on a new topic that corresponds with the SuperSTAR Leadership book, workbook and assessment. You will have the option to view the video immediately in your browser or watch it later at your convenience. Either way, we recommend that as you watch each video, you also read the appropriate book chapters and complete the corresponding workbook exercises. This will help you to implement the new ideas with more consistency and commitment.


SuperSTAR Leadership University

Rick and Doug, Co-Founders of WCW Partners, present how to revolutionize your performance. Learn the SuperSTAR leadership strategies and secrets of the best managers in the world! New research shows that 75 to 80 percent of today’s employees are not committed to their companies’ goals – this is a shocking statistic, but one you can avoid by attending the SuperSTAR Leadership University. Great leadership is the only way to ensure everyone at your company is on board and striving for the same success. Practical but powerful, these proven strategies deliver immediate results that help you achieve dramatic performance gains!

Our Books


SuperSTAR Leadership: A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, Communicate Positively and Get Everyone On Your Side

SuperSTAR Leadership, identifies key habits of the best and worst bosses. This thirty-one-day book uses nine key performance drivers to evaluate and help leaders more quickly increase results and sustain them. With the expert navigation of Rick Conlow and Doug Watsabaugh, you will identify your weaknesses, strengths, and path to improvement. Each evaluation and activity within this manager’s bible distills your leadership skills, perfecting you into a SuperSTAR leader.


SuperSTAR Sales: A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, Build Rapport and Close More Sales

Do you want to be more successful? Achieve record breaking sales? Make more money right now? Are you committed to learning more about your customers and improving your skills and approach to helping them? Salespeople are some of the least trusted professionals of any career. That’s an opportunity for you! By using this book as your guide, you can substantially differentiate yourself from your competition. This 31-day book teaches the skills and habits of sales stars in bite-sized chunks you can learn and apply today. It challenges conventional sales thinking and leads you to a path of greatness.


SuperSTAR Customer Service: A 31-Day Plan to Improve Customer Relations, Lock In New Customers and Keep the Best Ones Coming Back for More

Develop your skills, manage yourself, master your ability to address the relationship problems experienced by your company, and you can go anywhere you want to go! Job satisfaction, success, and personal accomplishment are all within your grasp! This book is organized as a month-long journey of improvement and discovery. Each chapter is a daily lesson with a core concept, skill-development idea, and resources to support your practice and application of the lesson. Superstar Customer Service will help you distinguish yourself as someone who can get things done. It may very well help you forge a new pathway in your career that is far beyond anything you previously imagined!


How to Be a SuperSTAR Employee

How do you set yourself apart from others and ramp up your career success? Success leaves clues and as you study the stars of any industry or profession you will notice key characteristics. How to Be a SuperSTAR Employee will guide you through 21 success principles and action steps to revolutionize your personal habits and commitment to succeed. Superstars breakthrough and that is what you will do as you read and apply the proven success strategies in this engaging book.

Proven, practical, powerful, perfect.

With over 20 years in the business, we achieve bottom line results and specialize in your success.