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WCW Partners is a performance-improvement company. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we work with clients in various industries worldwide to help them excel in sales, service, and leadership. We have a proven record of helping organizations increase sales and customer retention, while simultaneously improving employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

WCW facilitates business growth and vitality through 6 practices:

Developing The Capability in You

Through relentless and passionate execution, follow-up, and follow-through on every project or initiative, WCW develops the competency and effectiveness of your employees, management, and company.

70% to 80% of all projects fail because of lack of follow-up or follow-through!

WCW customizes corporate change strategies to your company’s needs and goals, and then stays with you to sustain change and results.

About Customized Consulting and Training

WCW Partners reaches well beyond typical corporate consulting and training. We help you assess your organizational needs, create an improvement plan of action, customize business coaching and training, and execute sustainable strategies with you to ensure you reach or exceed your goals.

This all can help you win as a leader because your employees will improve; sometimes becoming SuperSTARs!

Who Is WCW Partners

Aligning people with greatness.
Our #1 priority is you. We are experts in helping you discover and implement performance improvement changes, while paying attention to the three interrelated pillars of change: your purpose, processes and people. Our years of results-based experience will help identify and execute your strategy so that you strengthen sales, attract and retain more customers, and build quality leadership; while boosting employee productivity, engagement and loyalty.

WCW will help you significantly:

  1. Strengthen Sales
  2. Boost Productivity
  3. Improve Quality
  4. Increase Employee Satisfaction
  5. Attract and Retain Customers
With a proven track record 8% positive gains in retail sales growth, 75% gains in sales to existing customers, 53% improvement in sales performance, 60% reduction in customer complaints and 48 quality and customer service awards, we can help take you and your business to a higher level of excellence.

Our Skills

Business Coaching 100
Business Strategy 100
Improve Sales 100
Training 100