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Rick Conlow

CEO / Senior Partner

Rick makes your goals his goals – his leadership consulting skills inspire engagement and drive change.

There aren’t many who’d argue the fact that Rick is one enthusiastic guy. Even the titles of his seminars and speaking training programs reflect his drive and positive energy.

A quick glance at his professional resume leaves you with a strong impression that effort and optimism are a winning combination. Case in point: With Rick by their side, clients achieved double-digit and triple-digit improvement in their sales performance, quality, customer loyalty and service results over the past 20-plus years and earned more than 30 quality and service awards.

In a day and age where optimism and going the extra mile can sound trite, Rick has made them a differentiator. His clients include organizations that are leaders in their industries, as well as others that are less recognizable. Regardless, their goals are his goals.

Rick’s life perspective and extensive background in sales and leadership – as a General Manager, Vice President, Training Director, Program Director, National Sales Trainer and Consultant – are the foundation to his coaching, training and consulting services. Participants in Rick’s experiential, “Live Action” programs walk away with insights, inspiration and skills they can immediately put to use.

These programs include “BEST Selling!”, “Moments of Magic!”, “Excellence in Management!”, “SuperSTAR Service and Selling!”, “The Greatest Secrets of all Time!”, and “The SuperSTAR Leadership Model: Good Boss, Bad Boss – Which One Are You?”

Rick has also authored Excellence in Management, Excellence in Supervision, Returning to Learning andMoments of Magic.

When he’s not engaging an audience or engrossed in a coaching discussion, this proud husband and father is most likely astride a weight bench or motorcycle, taking on the back roads and highways of Minnesota.


“”Rick is a direct, goal-orientated person. A straightforward guy with a great sense of humor. He takes EXCELLENT care of his customers and is genuinely concerned with their needs and helps them achieve their full potential. Rick is easy to recommend.””
Bill Vann, Network Specialist, CHIPS Computer Services
“It is my pleasure to recommend Rick Conlow. Rick is a tremendous sales and development professional. His dedication, commitment and passion all serve him well in building relationships and driving results. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to work with Rick and his team.”
Desmond Clancy, Corporate Training Manager, Patterson Dental
“I worked with Rick for many years. His consulting skills helped our company to improve business, reduce complains and win quality service awards. Rick gives audiences information they can take out to the street right after the seminar and put to use. I highly recommend Rick’s firm for business consulting.”
Camelia Jitariu, Interactive Project Manager, Young and Rubicam
“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Rick and WCW Partners. Rick is an energetic and charismatic facilitator that really knows his subject matter. He brings a wealth of eclectic knowledge and translates this to your specific need. He’s a specialist in sales analysis, training and implementation. Through him and WCW Partners, we were able to set and exceed our goals, all while learning and having fun along the journey. I highly recommend Rick.”
Paul Martin, Chief Acquisitions Officer, HBC
“Rick is a highly skilled speaker, whether in person or on any of his training DVDs. I was recently editing a couple of his DVDs when I found myself stopping what I was doing to listen to Rick. He has a way of grabbing your attention and holding it while he’s teaching, that makes it easy to hear the message and learn from him.”
Dale Seiler, Project Manager, Internet Business SEO
“I have known Rick for over 20 years. He has a gift of pure enthusiasm which our employees and managers bought into. I would recommend him to any company looking to help their organization be more customer focused.”
Ken Starkey, V.P. - COO, Metropolitan Ford
“Each time our management team works with Rick, the intended outcome is achieved. We develop as a team and as professionals in ways that are truly remarkable. Rick’s programs are clear, customized and powerful. I highly recommend Rick Conlow as a consultant, trainer, presenter and coach; there is none better.”
Patrick Maloney, DPD Print Distribution
“Rick and I were both contract facilitators on a large Organizational Development Intervention {ODI} project for a major manufacturer. Rick was a skilled, professional facilitator and presenter who delivered a first-rate performance for the client and in the T-3’s.”
Larry Snover, Auto-Truck Industry Professional, L R Snover Co.
“Rick loves what he does and it shows! His high-energy, get-it-done approach is inspiring to those of us who want to make a difference, because he does! Add sales savvy, a positive attitude that won’t quit and an authentic belief in the potential of every human being, and you have someone you can count on when you or your business needs a lift.”
Karol Allen, Owner, Karol Allen Communications
“Rick is great to work with. High energy….and a good business partner!”
Tammy Nink, Senior Manager Corporate Customer Service, Meijer Corporation