Bruce Moorhouse

Bruce Moorhouse
Senior Consultant

As a synthesizer and “clarifier of squishiness,” Bruce has the innate ability to bring together the pieces of a client’s dream and make it a reality – something he did frequently over the 29 years he worked for 3M Corporate Communications in Canada and the United States.

A good example: The Toronto native helped his former employer create $2 billion in incremental annual sales by leading a team in the development of the $30 million 3M Innovation Center.

Bruce’s passion is leadership; he thrives when helping organizations discover and develop their culture and identity. His work with 3M included leading a global 3M team through a five-year process to research, define and develop the 3M brand system. This resulted in 3M’s new identity system, a renewed focus on brand management and a corporate advertising campaign that ran in 43 countries.

While at 3M, Bruce was also responsible for professional development of the global communications community and was a Six Sigma Champion, helping to lead the implementation of Six Sigma and process improvement in the communications community.

Bruce believes that leadership and the ability to remove fear from an organization are critical to innovation and success. His organization at 3M allowed him to integrate the internal and external messages of the company around 3M’s promise of innovation, so that 3M leaders could effectively and accurately understand the behaviors that create an innovative culture.

Over the years, Bruce has spoken to and consulted with numerous companies, such as Caterpillar, Ford, General Motors, and Starbucks, in order to help them develop an innovative culture and engage the hearts and minds of their employees. Bruce has also done consulting work with Weyerhauser, Hatch Engineering and the Child Health Corporation of America.

Bruce teaches the capstone course for undergraduates in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Minnesota. He has also done volunteer work for the National Chronic Care Consortium. During the summer, Bruce and his Honda Goldwing motorcycle are inseparable, often taking 5,000 – 6,000-mile road trips together – the latest to Vancouver, British Columbia. Bruce lives in Stillwater, Minnesota with his wife, Cherrie, and has two adult children.