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<strong>Rick Conlow</strong>
Rick ConlowCEO / Senior Partner
There aren’t many who’d argue the fact that Rick is one enthusiastic guy. Even the titles of his seminars and speaking training programs reflect his drive and positive energy.

A quick glance at his professional resume leaves you with a strong impression that effort and optimism are a winning combination. Case in point: With Rick by their side, clients achieved double-digit and triple-digit improvement in their sales performance, quality, customer loyalty and service results over the past 20-plus years and earned more than 30 quality and service awards. Read more

<strong>Doug Watsabaugh</strong>
Doug WatsabaughCOO / Senior Partner

Doug values being a “regular person,” with his feet on the ground and head in the realities of the daily challenges his clients face. It’s his heart for and his experience helping clients in difficult situations that set Doug apart from other sales performance and leadership development consultants.

His knowledge of experiential learning and his skill at designing change processes and learning events have enabled him to measurably improve the lives of thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations in various industries: financial services, manufacturing, medical devices, consumer goods, and technology. Read more

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Our Valuable Team Members

We feel fortunate at WCW to have the great wealth of talent and depth of experience that every consultant brings. Each consultant has unique skills and strengths capable of generating the results throughout your organization that you aspire to achieve and dream to have.

<strong>TC Bundy</strong>
TC BundyCIO / Senior Consultant

TC is a man committed to completion. And that’s saying a lot, because this multi-faceted veteran of corporate and nonprofit work keeps many balls in the air every day.

Inspired by the bigger picture behind everything he undertakes, TC has used his drive and expertise in market analysis, business development and strategic planning to take organizations from the ground floor to thousands strong.

<strong>John Pultz</strong>
John PultzSenior Consultant

You might not know John Pultz, but his colleagues say you’ll want to. “Everybody loves John,” they say, while adding with assurance, “You’ll love him, too.”

Known as the “Director of Fun,” this businessman and expert in customer service, training and education demonstrates that it is indeed possible to enjoy work, succeed at it, and inspire others to do so, too.

<strong>Dick Lewis</strong>
Dick Lewis National Sales Director
Dick has always used success as his driving force; whether it’s his business or personal life, excellence has been his goal. One of Dick’s heroes was Vince Lombardi who, upon becoming coach of the Green Bay Packers, told his team that they would relentlessly pursue perfection. They would never attain it, but along the way, they would capture excellence.
<strong>Siobhan Judd</strong>
Siobhan JuddCustomer Service Manager

Siobhan is majoring in business and computer management. For the last eight years she’s been with the company, Siobhan has been developing advanced computer organization skills and internet marketing.

In addition to her academic achievements, Siobhan has received certifications in small business management, computer information systems, general business and business and computer management.

<strong>Mike Navarre</strong>
Mike NavarreSenior Consultant

Mike has a deep desire to grow as a person and a leader, and he’s successfully shared that passion and inspired outstanding performance in others throughout his career as an educator, coach and developer of leaders.

As a member of WCW Partners, Mike’s emphasis is leadership development. His greatest thrill is watching others increase their productivity, and he’s most proud of helping and supporting others’ personal and professional growth – which is his passion as a personal and executive coach.

Alyssa MacDowellCommunications Specialist
Whether designing a new layout or engaging others in conversation, Alyssa is guided by five core beliefs:

1. Optimism will take you anywhere.
2. Creativity is limitless.
3. Being open-minded to others’ ideas and perspectives is essential.
4. Inspiration is everywhere.
5. Kindness and respect are vital.