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Our Values

Business is business. Organizations exist to drive results. But getting results shouldn’t come at the expense of the employees.

Even with strong evidence that a “someone-has-to-win, someone-has-to-lose” mentality doesn’t pay in the end, too many executives run their operations this way. Their organizations swallow up their “most valuable asset,” and spit it out like sour milk. When that happens, everyone loses — employees, leaders, and most importantly, the customers.

It may seem idealistic, even a bit corny, but with the right expectations and ground rules, everyone can leave a winner. (See case studies). Here are some things we’ve learned along the way.

      • You can make a living and enjoy it. It’s managements’ responsibility to create that type of environment and employees’ responsibility to contribute their gifts at the highest level.
      • You can’t MAKE people be committed. Employees need the freedom and encouragement to bring their best selves to work. Sure, leaders need to have a little of George Patton in them, but sometimes they need a dose of Mom, too.
      • Business is serious stuff. It’s a “Fido-eat-Fido” world out there. Managers who demand respect, but never give it, will not meet the competitive challenges that come their way.
      • People want to be great, but some managers won’t let them. It’s really no secret that clear goals and expectations, effective communication and consistency produce great performers.
      • Growth can’t be one way. If different results are wanted, both managers and employees will need to do something differently.

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