WCW Partners — Strategy Alignment & Execution

We work with organizations to help them make their strategies roadworthy, and we ensure that they can execute them effectively.

It is almost as common for well-prepared strategic plans to fail as it is for organizations to implement poorly prepared strategies. We aren’t (primarily) in the business of developing organizational strategy (although we have done a fair amount of that work in our careers). Our strategy team, which consists of some of the most gifted and experienced consultants you will ever meet, will work with your executive team and key organizational leaders to ensure that your strategy will generate the results you envision. That means that your strategic plan is sound, well communicated, well understood, and that you will generate alignment of action necessary for successful deployment.

The English essayist, Charles Lamb, told a tale of an old oriental village in which raw pork was considered a delicacy; similar to sushi today, perhaps. One night there was a terrible house fire, and the family’s best efforts were ineffective in extinguishing it. Everything was lost. The next day, they were picking through the rubble and ashes, trying to find anything that could be salvaged. One family member found that the family pig had, unfortunately, perished in the fire. Exploring the beast’s remains, the person discovered the deliciousness of roast pork.

After that, there was a rash of house fires in the village.

This tale is cited in Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s book, Change Masters (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1983), in support of the argument that organizations need to know why they are successful, in order to have their own conscious formula for success.

We are staffed with experienced consultants with successful senior leadership track records. Our specialty is execution, but that ability begins with the “roadworthiness” of your strategy.

After you’ve generated your strategy, we’ll work with you to pressure test it, ensure that your organization’s employees are aligned with it, and that they understand exactly what they need to do to successfully execute it. Next, we’ll help your management team prepare to engage the organization to implement that strategy effectively.

Our approach to execution is expressed in the formula below:

Execution Formula

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