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The Hunger Games book series and movie by Suzanne Collins depicts a futuristic society of class struggle for success and survival. We have a similar challenge in the workplace today that is sapping corporate growth and profits. Employee dissatisfaction is at all time highs and productivity is declining. Fear, distrust and dissension reigns. Employees can […]

What’s your potential as a leader? Can you take your team and improve results 15%, 25%, even 100%? Can you improve your own results in that way? Learn 3 key concepts that will help you today. View this video now. By the way, do you want to learn more about motivating or inspiring people? If […]

What is leadership? Rick will review the difference between good and bad bosses, particularly from the perspective of how you improve your skills so you can better help your team. He’ll share a story about Paganini, the master violinist, and how that relates to leadership success.

We have the highest employee dissatisfaction rate in history. The economy is improving but it’s a roller-coaster ride. Leaders have to be concerned about the emotional state of their teams. Learn five actions you can use TODAY to improve performance in these challenging times. Learn more in depth strategies to employee motivation and leadership effectiveness. […]

How does pessimism effect the workplace, and how can leaders turn around the tide of negativity to enact positive change in their employees?

Succeeding as a Leader: Vlog #11

How effective are managers today?  In vlog #11 Rick addresses that as well as ways for you to succeed as a leader and avoid common problems managers face.

Companies can literally double their growth rate if they improve their customer’s experience. In this video we’ll identify four dynamic steps to get you started in making that happen.

What Motivates People… Really? Vlog #9

Everyone wants to know how to motivate people as if there is a magical formula. Today we will talk about some keys to motivating people!

Setting Clear Expectations for Employees – WCW Partners Vlog #8
The Passion That Goes With Effective Leadership. Vlog #7

The truth of the matter is we have the tools and resources right here to be more effective as leaders.

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