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Executive Coaching

Developing Executives for Changing Times

Leadership – more than technical skills. Most managers and executives today possess strong technical skills, drive and intelligence, yet lack many of the essential leadership, communication, and relationship skills that are vital to lead a successful enterprise. Only 45 percent of Americans are satisfied with their work, according to the Conference Board. And the work satisfaction level is even worse among younger employees. How do you sustain success in light of these facts? And how do you develop dissatisfied employees into great leaders?

Executive Coaching Adapted to You

First things first. WCW helps to assess what leadership challenges you have and then works with you to implement the change — with individuals, groups, and the organization. At times, our coaching is highly specific and focused on particular management or leadership challenges defined by the executive. For example, how to deal with a difficult individual, group, or issue might be addressed. In other instances, WCW’s executive coaching is more prescriptive and is guided by our involvement in assessing strengths and development needs using a variety of assessment tools and processes we’ve mastered over the years. Guided by the leader’s needs, we work with each to carefully craft an executive development program that addresses the many challenges they face, and we work together to implement, reinforce, and measure change and improvement.

Coaching managers and executives for over 20 years. WCW Partners has been coaching managers and executives for more than 20 years, from supervisor and manager coaching through mid-level management, up to C–level executives. Even beyond our many years of helping companies experience successful leadership improvement, we rigorously mine and conduct the research to ensure that our approach is based on sound learning, changing environments, and effective coaching methodologies.