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Human Resources

WCW Partners believes a company has 3 key resources:

  • Material: products and services sold by the business.
  • Financial: capital to operate the business.
  • Human: the people in the business.

People are the most important resource – making decisions about the material and financial assets with cumulative intellectual power, innovating, and executing the organization’s strategies. Long-term, no company will have a competitive edge in product or price, so the only way to differentiate is through the people in the business, that’s the competitive edge.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t feel that way, and they leave a tremendous amount of untapped potential and productivity on the table. Just for starters, consider the following statements, which outline the reality of employee satisfaction today. Consider the negative impact this has on revenue growth and profits?

  • 50% of employee time is idle; during this time, employees do not work, reports Putnam and Sons.
  • 55% of employees are unsatisfied with their jobs, according to the Conference Board.
  • 65% of employees said they weren’t recognized in the last year, a Gallup survey reported.
  • 70-80% of employees are disengaged and not committed to the company’s goals, says The Carnegie Management Group.
  • 80% of employees say they don’t get respect at work, as reported by Time Magazine.
  • 81% of employees are considering leaving their jobs as the economy gets better, says Employee Disengagement.

The Management Derailment Study by Hogan Assessments found that on average, 50 percent of managers fail in their jobs. Given the above conditions, is that really all that surprising?

We believe that in most companies, people don’t receive the recognition and attention they deserve. Too often, they are neglected and treated like commodities. When they are valued, employees shine with performance-busting results. Companies like Disney, Southwest Airlines and Staples understand this and do it well.

WCW Partners is an advocate of people and their potential. We help companies and their leadership through our consulting services, programs and trainings to:

  • Establish leadership development and training that is bottom-line driven in its effectiveness.
  • Set goals and expectations that are clear, and then manage performance ambitiously and positively.
  • Present effective communication to individuals and groups that inspire employees to excel.
  • Highlight employee recognition, awards and praise for their individual and collective contributions.
  • Deliver effective and ongoing training, so that employees’ capabilities are challenged and enhanced.
  • Teach leaders the value of coaching, so that they can make it part of their everyday business, instead of saving it just for poor performers.
  • Help leaders lead with flexibility depending on the needs of the organization and individual employees.
  • Create a high-performance culture that’s focused on continual improvement in quality and customer experiences.
  • Hire the best people and follow a professional selection process.
  • Sustain high performance with brilliant execution of strategy and tactics.

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