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Drawing from our years of hands-on experience, our books aim to help you achieve your goals in everything from providing exemplary customer service to excellence in management to how to create a high performance team and everything in between.


SuperSTAR Leadership: A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, Communicate Positively and Get Everyone On Your Side

SuperSTAR Leadership, identifies key habits of the best and worst bosses. This thirty-one-day book uses nine key performance drivers to evaluate and help leaders more quickly increase results and sustain them. With the expert navigation of Rick Conlow and Doug Watsabaugh, you will identify your weaknesses, strengths, and path to improvement. Each evaluation and activity within this manager’s bible distills your leadership skills, perfecting you into a SuperSTAR leader.


SuperSTAR Sales: A 31-Day Plan to Motivate People, Build Rapport and Close More Sales

Do you want to be more successful? Achieve record breaking sales? Make more money right now? Are you committed to learning more about your customers and improving your skills and approach to helping them? Salespeople are some of the least trusted professionals of any career. That’s an opportunity for you! By using this book as your guide, you can substantially differentiate yourself from your competition. This 31-day book teaches the skills and habits of sales stars in bite-sized chunks you can learn and apply today. It challenges conventional sales thinking and leads you to a path of greatness.


SuperSTAR Customer Service: A 31-Day Plan to Improve Customer Relations, Lock In New Customers and Keep the Best Ones Coming Back for More

Develop your skills, manage yourself, master your ability to address the relationship problems experienced by your company, and you can go anywhere you want to go! Job satisfaction, success, and personal accomplishment are all within your grasp! This book is organized as a month-long journey of improvement and discovery. Each chapter is a daily lesson with a core concept, skill-development idea, and resources to support your practice and application of the lesson. Superstar Customer Service will help you distinguish yourself as someone who can get things done. It may very well help you forge a new pathway in your career that is far beyond anything you previously imagined!


How to Be a SuperSTAR Employee

How do you set yourself apart from others and ramp up your career success? Success leaves clues and as you study the stars of any industry or profession you will notice key characteristics. How to Be a SuperSTAR Employee will guide you through 21 success principles and action steps to revolutionize your personal habits and commitment to succeed. Superstars breakthrough and that is what you will do as you read and apply the proven success strategies in this engaging book.


Excellence in Management: Bringing Out the Best in People

This book presents six keys to excellence in management. Examples of “best” and “worst” managers are provided for comparison. Exercises and case studies explain how to succeed in leading, communicating, persuading and influencing people, creating superior service, managing time, and much more.


Excellence in Supervision: Essential Skills for the New Supervisor

This book will show you how to gain the respect and support of your employees, use coaching skills to help others excel and accomplish goals, deal effectively with changing times and confusing situations, communicate confidently with your employees, peers, and manager, and establish expectations for high performance. As a supervisor, you must lead employees to success and understand that their success is your success. Supervisors need to possess a multitude of skills in communication, performance management, coaching, and decision making. Learning and applying these skills quickly is essential for any supervisor’s success.


The New Fieldbook for Trainers

This innovative book is a gold mine of field-tested principles, activities, instruments and designs. The materials will help you produce high-impact training to support performance improvement initiatives for individuals and teams. Everything is reproducible and even customizable using the word processing files provided on disk. More than 60 tools, activities and designs are included. One look through this fieldbook, and you’ll agree that it is the most beneficial collection of tools for trainers ever assembled under one cover. It includes a three-ring binder with diskette [files are in Microsoft Word 7.0 and PowerPoint for Windows].


Creating a High-Performance Team: Gain the Skills of A Successful Leader

Companies have become increasingly complex – geographically and operationally. Old top-down leadership styles need to be replaced with two-way communication and collaboration. In order to lead teams successfully in today’s organizations, learn the specific tasks you’ll need to navigate the complex environments that you are bound to encounter.



Become a Successful Supervisor: Develop Essential People Skills

Becoming a supervisor for the first time usually comes with mixed emotions and a lot of questions. Will you be able to help others in ways that no one did for you? Can you manage people effectively when they used to be your peers? Where do you start? Get the answers to all of your questions and learn how to become an effective and confident leader.


Designing a SuperSTAR Customer Experience

This eBook is a collection of resources, demonstrating principles and action steps that will positively impact the customer experience. It’s organized into four sections: Assess the Situation, Plan for Improvement, Lead Effectively and Execute Brilliantly. These four crucial categories strategically establish a customer experience framework that directly and tangibly addresses activities for improvement.


Telephone Skills That Satisfy Customers: Unleash Your Full Potential

According to the Profit Impact of Market Strategy study, organizations best at customer service compared to the worst have a 12 percent ROI compared to a 1 percent ROI. How can you not afford to improve customer service starting today?

It takes more than customer satisfaction to thrive in today’s rugged economic climate – it takes customer loyalty. By seizing on those precious moments, you can make a difference in your customer’s mind.


GoalPower: How to Increase Your Personal Performance and Career Success

Becoming a supervisor for the first time usually comes with mixed emotions and a lot of questions. Will you be able to help others in ways that no one did for you? Can you manage people effectively when they used to be your peers? Where do you start? Get the answers to all of your questions and learn how to become an effective and confident leader.