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Leader in Hearing Devices Achieves Record Sales

How hearing aid company successfully launched a higher-priced product and created patient trust.

A global manufacturer and retailer of hearing devices called on WCW to help increase sales, profitability and market share. With higher aspirations for a business that was mired in 6th place in the U.S. market, this European-based company would soon introduce a high-end digital device that was head and shoulders above anything in the marketplace. However, the price reflected its impressive features. In addition, the company had another hurdle to jump: many of the hearing experts in its retail centers were poor salespeople.

WCW developed a comprehensive and consistent sales methodology and training process that was customer and patient centered. WCW led a 2½-day planning and team-building session with the company’s VP of Sales and top sales managers to establish a sales strategy for aggressive growth, to improve the team’s planning skills and process, and to introduce a planning process and design that could be exported to the field via a national sales meeting.

We also built a retail sales and service training program that addressed basic selling skills appropriate to the industry’s healthcare professionals and dispensers. The one-day program was designed to be delivered by the regional directors and field training team. A coaching component supported new patient management and selling skills at a practical level.

In order to support key staff members as they practiced their new consulting roles as owners and managers, WCW developed a performance training and development process, which included a 2 ½-day training program with support tools and materials for field use. WCW provided ongoing coaching to the consultants over a one-year period and gave them process documentation tools to ensure consistency, effectiveness and institutional memory in the event of consultant transition.

The hearing device company achieved three consecutive years of record-breaking results, each year experiencing at least a 30-percent improvement over the previous year. The organization occupies the top position in the marketplace largely due to specific factors, which include: salespeople, audiologists, and dispensers are doing a better job of building trust and rapport with clients and patients, demonstrating the hearing device, and closing the sale; sales and training staff have more empathy for each other’s work and are collaborating more effectively; and consultants can leverage various methods to assist accounts – from financial to leadership to sales to marketing.

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