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  Textile Factory

Textile Rental Giant Builds Customer Loyalty

How a North American textile company turned customer dissatisfaction into a 35% sales growth.

A 118-year-old, privately held textile rental giant was in fierce price competition with large public companies. The organization recognized it must improve its sales and service to existing customers if the company was to improve customer retention and exceed its aggressive goals for sales growth: 35% in Canada and 50% in the U.S.

The organization had focused on new sales for the last few years, leaving service departments with little attention. No new service initiatives had been implemented and results were below the competition. While branches talked about service sales tied to customer loyalty, it was not a top priority for most customer sales reps. With service managers and area managers pulled in many directions, they had no time for new initiatives.

WCW designed a customer satisfaction process (CSP) for the organization and through “Live Action” conferences, trained managers across the U.S. and Canada to use the CSP planning tool. At district meetings, WCW used customer feedback to help the management teams draft improvement plans. Each management team would be measured on the results of a monthly customer survey report WCW had developed. Other components of the service strategy included a monthly CSP newsletter and WCW’s Moments of Magic Customer Service training, which included a leader’s guide, workbook and seven video sessions.

Targeting customer service reps, WCW also designed a comprehensive sales process for existing customers, incorporating six peak-performance strategies: goals, communication, training, coaching, recognition and management flexibility into all tools, resources and training. Using feedback from branch and service center teams that WCW organized, WCW designed and launched the SuperSTAR program in the U.S. and Canada.

All key managers were trained in the CSP (customer satisfaction process). Customer satisfaction plans are in place in all locations, and customer retention has exceeded expectations. More than 250 service personnel were trained to facilitate the SuperSTAR program and process. All 1,200 CSRs participated in the program. The SuperSTAR program has proven its sustainability – SuperSTAR marketing plans have been incorporated in the company’s strategic plans. In the U.S., sales increased 122% and 88% the first two years. Canadian sales improved 75%, with an impressive leap during the historically low summer months. Sales increased 30% through July the following year.

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