When it comes to your own development, doesn’t it make sense to work with a business coach who understands the uniqueness of your responsibilities and challenges? Our personal coaches are experienced guides, who can help you succeed in a new role or elevate your effectiveness in a current position.

Senior-level executives, directors, or managers can benefit from executive coaching because we tailor our development program to your responsibilities, goals and the challenges you face.

Experienced Business Coaches

Whether in person, over the phone, or through the Internet, WCW’s executive coaches have a proven track record and solid approach to help you become the decision-maker and leader you want to be.

Learn more about our executive coaching approach, the ease and flexibility of working with us, and the benefits to you.

  • Develop foresight, anticipate trends, prevent problems and develop strategies
  • Create and communicate a vision for the organization
  • Understand, work with and/or change organizational values to meet current market needs or trends
  • Learn how to empower people and teams, while helping the organization stay on course to sustain and build momentum
  • Understand your strengths, skills, underdeveloped areas, and more, so you can hire people who augment your talent

Blueprint Coaching Programs

With support from your coaches, Rick and Doug, you can learn to apply effective leadership skills and strategies passionately with consistency. With Rick and Doug you will learn situational application of the powerful methods from their book, Superstar Leadership and their supportive materials. Depending on your needs and expectations, you will learn how to:

  • Discover and define your strengths and leverage areas for growth
  • Understand the power of the goal achievement process
  • Establish team goals and plans that work
  • Execute goals and strategy brilliantly
  • Learn the seven keys to employee motivation
  • Manage employee engagement, productivity and teamwork effectively
  • Solve problems proactively
  • Tap into the exceptional power of delegation

  • Enhance your organizations customer experience and loyalty
  • Deal with conflict constructively
  • Establish a compelling vision of success in seven key areas of life
  • Coach for results and high performance
  • Handle change positively
  • Enhance your personal time management system
  • And, much more.
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Our executive development process is highly specific and extremely flexible to the individual’s needs and the needs of the organization.


Depending on objectives and the organization’s environment, we employ a variety of coaching methods to help executives elevate their performance.


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With support from WCW Partners, you can learn to apply effective leadership skills and strategies passionately with consistency in these dynamic programs.