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Our Methods

Depending on objectives and the organization’s environment, we employ a variety of business coaching methods to help executives elevate their performance. These include, but aren’t limited to:

We accompany the executive on his/her rounds and observe his/her behavior. The feedback session we coordinate afterwards, allows us the opportunity to share our insights and to suggest changes.
Once a problem has been identified, we help the executive develop a solution. After the solution has been implemented, we provide feedback on the results.
We help the executive design a process to do things in a new or different way. This eliminates frequent changes and decision-mak­ing on the run.
Developing scripts for handling specific situations enables the executive to learn to respond effectively to others.
This could involve helping the executive learn a new skill, such as creating an effec­tive presentation.
We stay up-to-date on current management literature and theories, and we can assign topics to executives for study in areas they need to develop.
Providing a plan to help an executive manage time, priorities, the office and support staff helps many executives become more effective immediately.
We ask some executives to work briefly with a men­tor to learn a new skill.
Improving the effectiveness of the executive’s team can also boost his/her effectiveness. This could include helping the executive write a plan for the team to follow.
Many executives need to be coached on what, when, and how to del­egate to others. Developing delegation skills can substantially improve an executive’s effectiveness.
Confronting and resolving conflicts naturally frees up energy and time. We teach the executive how to prevent conflict and how to diffuse it once it occurs.