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Organizational Development

Leadership Development – The Organization

Current leadership systems may be serving your organization well. But what about down the road? Where is your organization going? What are the long-term forecasts? Do you have the leadership to get you there and keep you there?

WCW is skilled at gauging an organization’s current capabilities and future needs, and then establishing leadership development programs that will develop the leadership at every level of your organization to meet those future needs. These systems are broad, as they reach individuals at various levels in the organization. These approaches involve multiple programs and interlocking performance, learning, and measurement systems tied to organization succession planning, and strategic planning processes in the organization.

The leadership development programs for the long-term development and planning of an organization may be delivered by multiple vendors and inside personnel. They are measured over time and adjusted as changes occur within the organization — with skill needs and leadership requirements — and also outside the organization as the business environment changes and market challenges arise.