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Strategic Leadership

Leaders Plan Strategically

Effective leaders plan success. Results are not accidents. WCW assesses the planning and strategies that managers, directors, and executives have in place and analyze what may be missing.

Sometimes great planning has already been done, but as our friend John E. Jones says, they are just “SPOTS” (Strategic Plans on Top Shelves). We take the plans off the shelf, dust them off, and reassess their merit. We design communication, systems, and training for leadership to implement this great planning.

Sometimes strategic planning by leadership has been limited or is missing important elements to achieve the results you want. The fact is that results always follow planning. We help leaders develop plans and strategies from “planning to plan” stage where time frames, the participants, the processes, data needs, and key decisions are made. Then both the short- and long-term planning systems required for the desired results can be designed and carried out.