Assess Your Customer Service Quality

The first and vital step to realize stellar customer service in your organization is to get to the bottom of service problems. Customer service problems are opportunities to create lasting change in your company that will boost your bottom-line. WCW assists organizations on their customer improvement journey through a thorough analysis of customer experience. Consider and ask yourself:

  • What is your customer’s experience?
  • What do you have in place to handle an unhappy customer?
  • How well does your service recovery process work?
  • How well trained is the front-line employee to meet challenging service situations?
  • How empowered are employees and management to solve customer problems proactively?

Take Inventory of the Customer Experience

WCW customizes inventories for management, employees and customers with the goal to discover customer improvement opportunities. If need be, we will design a customer survey process that will gather reliable data. We interview external and internal customers, study available customer feedback, conduct focus groups, deliver mystery shops, assess competitors and review industry research and marketing data.

Once we have gotten to the bottom of service challenges within your organization, WCW presents a practical review of strengths, weaknesses and recommendations. From this thorough inventory of customer service, we customize and tailor service training that will create sustainable service results and develop the capability in you.