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Organizational Communication

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In business, corporations must adapt and evolve — at rapid speed — if they expect to survive. We can all be sure that our competitors eventually will come to market with a product or technology that changes the game. If we cannot change and adapt, we will not survive. Central to innovation and strength within an organization is effective communication at all levels, from every direction.

Effective organizations use communication to create a culture of innovation, being careful not to squelch unique, pioneered ideas. Management needs to communicate broad direction and vision to the labs, departments, and teams who execute that vision. In turn, these areas need to communicate opportunities to management. And innovators in every area of the company need to communicate with each other.

Sometimes organizations lack efficient communication channels — leadership does not reveal vision and information that’s vital for employees to be productive and effective. Sometimes, too many “chiefs” communicate different directions that create confusion and disengagement. WCW helps companies to develop clear messages that provide clarity and consistency, in order to eliminate confusion. Assessments are crafted to understand the chain of messaging from the executives to directors to managers to teams and individuals. The assessment results are utilized to develop and implement clear channels of effective organizational communication.