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Executive Team Building

“Too many chefs in the kitchen spoil the banquet.” Actually, too many chefs who are not communicating well and effectively working together spoil the banquet. The unique qualities that each individual leader brings to the table are amplified within a team that functions well.

Executive Team Building – Organizational effectiveness rests on executives’ ability to collaborate on projects and major initiatives that impact an organization’s activities and results.

WCW Partners helps organizations that are suffering from sub-optimum performance as a result of:

  • Failure to establish a clear vision of the future
  • Incongruent values
  • Different views of objectives
  • Conflicting work styles
  • Many other obstacles that interfere with the alignment at the top of the organization

WCW has more than 20 years of experience guiding executives toward agreement on the major elements of effectiveness that contribute to high-performance teamwork. Each need is different and WCW Partner’s approach rests on the belief that some top teams need to operate as a united top-management group, and others need to work as a high-performing team. We work with the senior teams to create a common vision regarding what’s needed, and we facilitate the process to get there. While we appreciate the value of social time as a team, we draw a sharp distinction between those activities and doing the (sometimes) hard work of building a common approach to teamwork.

So, we don’t sell two or three days on a rope course, or a bowling or golf event – although fun, they don’t translate into your work setting. You can do those things on your own, without our help. But, when you need to communicate better, commit to a common vision, address dysfunctional team behavior, sort through long-standing issues, or learn how to work effectively to produce critical results, we are your resource. It’s not that we don’t value or utilize appropriate simulations or events, it’s just that we don’t push our favorite intervention on you in the name of team building. It is serious business, and it requires substantial skill sets and methodologies to get real results that matter in your organization day-to-day.

Effective teams right from the start!

We also work with organizations on new team start-ups, in addition to helping optimize team performance for quality improvement, projects, initiatives and self-directed team structures.