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First Assess Organizational Needs

Before effective change can occur, you must first determine what is working and what is not working in your company or organization.

Survey-Guided Development: WCW Partners custom designs surveys and interventions to meet the needs of the organization. We take the time to discover the obstacles that keep your organization from running like the fine-tuned machine you want.

We use opinion surveys, culture surveys, climate surveys, customer engagement and satisfaction, and quality assessments (full suite of quality assessments built around the Baldrige criteria). Our skill in survey development and administration is matched by our skill at using survey results to drive organizational change.

Implement Organizational Change

Most organizations merely put the reports in the hands of department heads and expect them to implement plans that change the game. This results in reduced effectiveness and severe under-utilization of the intervention because the intended employee engagement never happens.

WCW Partners has years of experience deploying survey-guided development action planning and results tracking. We work closely with the organization to design the right tool to meet the changing needs of the organization, and most importantly, we are skilled at applying the data in such a way that the whole organization is involved in mapping change, generating results, and improving employee engagement, employee morale and the organization’s performance results.