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Effective Sales Coaching

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By far the most under-utilized tool for sales improvement is effective sales coaching. WCW has helped sales organizations achieve 47%, 54%, 75% and 122% sales improvement. While we have implemented a sales planning, sales training, and management training plan, sales coaching cemented the dynamic results.

WCW recommends that sales coaching consulting and training be conducted in conjunction with your company’s launch of new or reinvigorated sales training. Formalized group training is the foundation to creating sustained sales improvement for your business; however, sales coaching captures all of the teachable moments and leverages the sales coach’s experience and talent. Beyond the information, techniques and role-playing, sales coaching provides the opportunity to hone in on each individual’s challenge areas. Even the most seasoned salesperson and capable manager will benefit from one-on-one coaching, where skills and talents can be fine-tuned and perfected.

Sales Coaching, Support and Training

WCW will work with you and your company to create a process to improve your sales or service managers’ abilities to conduct effective coaching across the board. Methods we use to make that happen depend on the situation of your organization, but could include:

  1. Field sales ride-a-longs and observations.
  2. Sales coaching training – similar to our “train the trainer” or sales management training approaches.
  3. Sales management meetings.
  4. Coaching assessment feedback from representatives.
  5. Phone coaching support.
  6. Sales management activity trends and reports.

Sales Coaching Topics

  • Coaching skills assessment
  • Identification of poor coaching skills and behaviors
  • Identification of good coaching skills and behaviors
  • The Coaching for Excellence Model
  • Informal coaching tips and guide
  • Formal one-on-one coaching tips and guide
  • Field coaching tips and guide
  • Phone coaching tips and guide
  • Coaching role-plays and feedback
  • “Live Action” coaching in the field with feedback
  • Coaching activity data and measurement