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Sales Rep Training

Improve Sales – Help Sales Reps Get Results!

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At the end of the day, RESULTS are what really matter. Sales reps want to be successful, management wants sales goals to be met, and executives want sales projections achieved. The question is how do you create and maintain the sales you want for your company? Good salespeople are a great start, but they are just the beginning. WCW helps you to create a track record that communicates that you consistently meet and exceed your goals.

Customized Sales Rep Training for High Impact

WCW designs sales training specifically for your company that will help you achieve the sales improvements you want. Training is conducted through action learning methods and sales models that have created measurable improvement. Though WCW uses materials and training processes that have been tested over time, we customize your training and materials to achieve sustainable results and maximum impact.

Assessment of Organizational Needs

To create your customized sales rep training, WCW conducts assessments of your sales team through various methods. This is a thorough four-step process:

  1. Interviews with sales management and sale representatives.
  2. Field rides with each sales representative.
  3. Sales capability skill assessments. (electronic)
  4. Customer reviews, if needed.

Sales Training Delivery

Based on the needs assessment, we identify the appropriate delivery of sales training for your team. Effective training is best accomplished when completed over time. The WCW process includes two- to four-day sessions, resources for review with management in sales meetings, and one to two-day follow-up reinforcement sessions. WCW provides customized resources for sales rep training, as well as:

  • Follow-up support materials
  • Sales call planning guides
  • Customer analysis tools
  • Sales tracking documents

Methodology – Learning by Doing

Most people have a particular mode of learning that works best for them: visual (look), auditory (listen), or kinesthetic (feel). Regardless of an individual’s learning style, everybody learns best by doing. Action-based learning, where participants actually practice what they are learning, delivers the best results. All WCW sales training is done through experiential learning methods:

  • “Live Action” activities
  • Customer case studies
  • Role-plays
  • Action learning
  • Video recording and feedback
  • Assessments
  • Structured group activities

Sales Training Topics:

  • Strategic sales planning
  • Sales call planning
  • Market Segmentation
  • Sales cycle development
  • Building rapport
  • Identifying customer needs through focused questioning
  • Product-benefit presentations
  • Learning FABs: features, advantages and benefits of products
  • Presentation style and approach
  • Handling objections effectively
  • Using the LEAD Model to communicate with customers
  • Closing the sale: trial closes, pre-closing activities, high-impact closes and post-closing strategies
  • Effective follow-up
  • Using organizational resources to close sales

WCW Sales Models:

“Consultative Selling”

“Best Selling”

“SuperSTAR Selling Skills”