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Sales Planning

Sales Improvement Plans to Meet Your Goals

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All great sales achievers are great planners.

In sales, the will to win isn’t everything. The will to prepare to win is everything. WCW will consult with your sales leaders to analyze your sales environment and performance levels. We then customize a Strategic Sales Planning Process. This isn’t about customer-relationship management; it is about increasing high-potential sales opportunities through a better understanding of your market segmentation, customer metrics, and sales outcomes.

Sustainable Sales Performance Improvement

WCW isn’t a report-writing consulting organization. Instead, we work with you to apply and execute the plan we devised together. Our goal is to make a difference and achieve sustainable sales improvement over time. When you hire us, you get us as a team member. When you win, we win.

Strategic Sales Planning Process

  1. Identification of sales challenges
  2. Analysis of data
  3. Design of support tools and interventions
  4. Presentation of recommendations, goals and action plans
  5. Execution, follow-up and reinforcement

Strategic Sales Planning Content

  • Current sales trends
  • Current sales activity
  • Environmental trends
  • Competitive review
  • Market trends
  • Industry data
  • Customer segmentation analysis
  • Customer buying trends and needs
  • Marketing support
  • Company teamwork
  • Talent review
  • Sales goals and plans