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Train Your Sales Trainers

Developing the capability in you.

Our goal is to develop the capability in you. You want results and long-term sales improvement to last. A key to this obtaining this level of sustainability is excellent trainers who are proficient at developing skills in others and engaging all their capabilities. Through a rigorous “train the trainer” process, we teach and coach your sales management team to raise their game to an entirely new level of effectiveness.

Participants will learn training methods, tools, techniques, and tips. WCW facilitators have years of experience in many industries training professional trainers, sales managers, service managers, team leaders, and consultants. All sessions are customized in two-day to four-day formats. We use a team-based learning approach that is performance based, dynamic, and fun. Participants in your customized “train the trainer” session will leave with more knowledge, capability and energy to deliver results-oriented training to their people.

Methodology – Learning By Doing

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Trainers also learn best by doing. WCW uses “Live Action” learning experiences, so that trainers can immediately apply the material to their situations. Managers and sales trainers will put the training methods and techniques to use through practice and feedback sessions. We provide learning manuals and our book, The New Fieldbook of Training. WCW “train the trainer” experiential learning includes “Live Action” activities, such as:

  • Role-plays
  • Action learning opportunities
  • Video recording and feedback sessions
  • Case studies
  • Structured group activities
  • Individual coaching moments

Train the Trainer Topics:

  • Adult-learning principles
  • Experiential learning methods
  • Group interaction techniques
  • How to do role-plays
  • How to do group discussions
  • How to use triad groups
  • How to use dyad groups
  • How to do case studies
  • How to energize a group
  • Group facilitation skills
  • Group presentation skills
  • Presentation skill practice and feedback
  • How to deal with resistance in a group
  • How to deal with disruptive personalities
  • The learning cycle
  • Training preparation and planning
  • How to identify learning and applications
  • How to use assessments

Find out more about WCW’s book: The New Fieldbook of Training